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We always take care of our customers and we try to fulfill your requires. So we were thinking, how we could gratification you even more, and here is The Persona’s new service

Meetings and Events – for a special occasions , we will arrange and organize ,your meetings and events for you , your family , friends ,team , company , partners…whatever your imagination and necessities are capable of

Meeting rooms will take a place in a luxury hotels in Georgia and everything will be just like you wish . send us your necessities and we will make it happen , as for events , we can arrange and organize anything you would love to 

The Persona , also , specializes in Corporate Sedan Transportation. To accommodate the many requirements of today’s business, our attention to detail gives you confidence that your transportation will be professionally handled and will arrive on time, every time…guaranteed. Simply contacting us , The Persona can set up all of your  needs in Georgia

We look forward to seeing you soon

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