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We would like to represent our company profile. The Persona is a LLC founded in Georgia since 2018. The object of the company is the promotion of tourism and the tourism industry in Georgia. These include marketing, location and regional and national advertising, as well as the promotion, coordination and organization of cooperation in this field with other organizations. Already at the beginning of our employment we had set the firm goals of becoming an international company. We have strong relationships with very strong companies from different countries because we provide customer service in Georgia for tourism purposes. This is how we realize our values with the help of our employees.

Our achievement of affirming students from post-Soviet countries and from Asia to Europe during the summer holidays proves that we are always achieving our goals and developing accordingly.

Short about why we employ the students in EU. With this support, we give the students the opportunity to live independently and to help their families because of the difficult economic situation. Most of the time the students who participate in our program pay the fee for studying and without exaggerating realize their dreams.

We have established relationships with the universities where the German language is very well studied, so we guarantee that you will always be able to work with the help of The Persona every summer. It’s about students not only from Georgia or from post-Soviet countries, but also students coming from China and India. Currently, a lot of students from China are waiting for the chance to use the opportunities. Since we are oriented to the quality of our service, we require from the students very good knowledge of German (at least level B2). We have our criteria for evaluation because customer satisfaction is very valuable to us. That’s why you get every Summer the temporary help with the appropriate language skills.
The Persona is here , to help YOU.

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