Georgian wines

The wine culture of Georgia exists since the ancient times. This is proven through the vast amount of historical, ethnographic and archeological materials and sources. Seeds of grapes and clay wine potteries as old as 7 thousand years, which were excavated on the territories of the Western Caucasus have been found to be the biggest proof of how old the wine history of Georgia is. Nowhere else in the world have remains of such ancient wine culture been found.

Georgian wines are well known and well recognized worldwide thanks to the unique taste and scents that they provide. By today, around 500 types of grapes are growing on the territories of Georgia, the majority of which grows only in the magnificent sunny country of Georgia. Here, anyone has the possibility to try the large variety of aromatic wines, the marvelous taste of which will be remembered forever. The variety of Georgian wines is justified through the convenient country location as well as the unchanged and unique way of wine preparation that was cultivated throughout thousands of years.

Types of Georgian wines
Dry wines: Gurdzhaani, Rkatsitela, Tsinandali, Sviri Sameba, Teliani, Kvareli, Manavi, Telavi, Vazisubani, Mukuzani, Tsitska, Tibani, Tsolikauri.

Semi-sweet wines: Tetra, Tvishi, Akhmeta, Savane, Alaznis Veli, Usakhelauri, Kindzhmarauli, Psou, Lisni, Aladasturi, Odzhaleshi, Tavkveri, Khvanchkara.

Strong wines (port wine): Kardanakha, Signagi, Anaga, Lelo, Kolkheti, Marabda.

Georgian Cuisine

The Georgian cuisine that anyone can enjoy today had been developing over thousands of years. The taste of Georgian dishes by itself differs significantly from those that can be tried worldwide. The big differences can even be seen throughout the different regions of Georgia. Every corner of the country has its own significant dish, which by itself acts as a hallmark of each of the Georgian regions. Wine, meat, flour and several fatty dishes are the most prevalent in the eastern regions of the country. The western region however is popular for its dishes with walnuts and pepper.

Georgian specialties:
The very first thing to pay attention to is dishes such as Satsivi (food paste made out of walnuts used as a sauce for many Georgian appetizers), Shashlik (shish kebab dish) and Khinkali (Georgian dumplings) that make up an indispensable part of Georgian feasts. These dishes, in its turn, induce great admiration and interest in foreign visitors. After having tried the delicious georgian dishes, tourists have yet another reason to return to this country.

The most popular traditional Georgian soup dishes:

Kharcho – soup cooked with beef, rice, cherry plum purée and chopped English walnuts

Chikhirtma – chicken soup seasoned with vinegar, eggs, parsley and dill

Popular traditional desserts:

Churchkhela – a long-shaped candy made out of walnuts/hazelnuts dipped in a thick wine sauce

Gozinaki – confection that is made out of caramelized walnuts and is fried in honey. Very popular to be served on New Year’s Eve and Christmas

Pelamushi – dessert that is made out of boiled condensed grape juice (badagi) together with flour

Other renowned Georgian dishes:

Khachapuri – cheese baked in a pastry

Mchadi – bread made out of corn

Pkhali – chopped and minced vegetables made out of cabbage, spinach, beans, beets, eggplants combined with walnuts, vinegar, onions, garlic and herbs

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