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I am traveler and I am very capricious person , I am observing on details and I had traveled with many kind of travel agencies , and can simply say that your agency is in my top list . The most important for me was the positivity which you gave us , excellent work , I highly recommend this company , this guys know what they are doing . my favorite team in Georgia , see you soon

Rivka Kravitz

Georgia is amazing country, we discovered Georgian culture ,History , folk music , Dance ,Nature ,Georgian wine and chacha, Georgian incredible menu , Khachapuri is recommended for all travelers , they call it Georgian Pizza, and they also have Georgian snickers, which is Churchkhela . you have to try everything, if you love food and you are not eating, just to be alive ,Georgian cuisine will be one more reason for you ,to fall in love with the life . Thank you for unforgettable moments and happiness. we Highly recommend

Samuel Wells

I had a very hard period of life , my friends made me to travel with them , I believed, that it couldn’t help me , however since we came in Georgia , my character changed , I don’t know what exactly happened , however I can say ,that Georgia and this company, actually helped me ,to go through a very hard time, of my life . I came back with full of memories and positive. thank you for everything

Cara Case

you are a lucky people ,that you have so gorgeous country , Mountains resorts and also a sea resorts , very beautiful nature , delicious cuisine , tasty drinks , huge history and great night life… everything above , wouldn’t be that amazing without our guide . perfectly arranged, I highly recommend. thank you for everything and also we liked gifts very much .we definitely will come back

Thomas Chan

me and my friends , were planning to go abroad and we chose this place randomly and we are very happy about it , we have so much memories about Georgia and so many sweet moments .. and you guys are great example of humanity .we love and respect you. we will meet in this summer

Aaron Korhonen

Nature , mountains , views , waterfalls, lakes , wine ,Chacha , food , everything was just perfect , and what was most important – your company , you guys amazed me , you will always be my favorites . we loved the gifts and we are very thankful , we met some very good people , during the tour , and we became a good friends ,once again Thank you for amazing service and basically for everything. see you next summer

Finn Hoffmann

Loved Georgia , wish to come back soon , Svaneti was amazing , I felt the real freedom in mountains , amazing views and fantastic pictures . thank you

Yosef Marshall

What a shame , that I did not had a time to stay more , next summer guys I want the full service , I want to see the whole Georgia , and I am coming with my good friends, already miss you guys

Hans Fischer

I am in love with Georgian soul, I loved churchkhela ,Chacha and Wine , food was delicious one of my favorite is Khinkali , thank you for amazing time and unforgettable memories

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